Editor-in-Chief, David Smallwood

Former Navy pilot and officer serving in the Western Pacific, originally based out of San Diego, California.

Editor Emeritus, Major Glenn MacDonald, USA Ret. 

A combat correspondent in Vietnam, then went to work for the tabloid newspapers in New York City covering the mafia and all sorts of various stories. At one time he was offered a job by then businessman Donald J. Trump.

Attorney and Retired Navy JAG officer, Commander John “Bulldog” Wells USN Ret.

John Wells stays active in numerous military related organisations and advises us on a wife array of issues. He is an excellent legal counsel who believes in the rule of law and Freedom of Speech.

Nelson Sloan

Experienced investigator and staff Reporter

Dr. Hans Zarkov

Experienced investigator and staff Reporter

Susan R.

Office manager, bookkeeper and the glue that keeps things going.