Mission Statement

MilitaryIntegrity.com seeks to restore and reaffirm full faith and confidence in the American military judicial system. We believe in a national policy of “PEACE TROUGH STRENGTH.” But, we also believe that real strength is derived from solid national and governmental integrity.

The statistically proven, two-tier justice system of the United States military is constitutionally repugnant and morally indefensible. The tacit military policy of “different spanks for different ranks,” and the acquiescence by the United States Congress in favor of that policy is incompatible with the principles upon which America was founded.

We strive to help our armed forces – and citizens they serve – realize their highest ideals, ensuring that our Constitutional Republic really works. As a nation we must confirm our belief in Equal Justice Under Law through both words and deeds. MilitaryIntegrity.com will, through education and outreach programs, support and promote all activities designed to:

 increase military strength by fostering responsibility and accountability
 promote Equal Justice For All – regardless of rank or privilege
 eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse – which are ethically corrosive, financially exorbitant and economically crippling
 educate citizens of the world, decision makers in America and prospective recruits for the armed forces
 change policy and encourage positive, unambiguous reforms designed to create a military with unquestionable integrity