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The DPAA is rife with corruption. The DPAA is tasked by the United States government with locating and recovering the bodies of servicemen who have died in military conflicts but remain unaccounted for. In 1943 there was a major battle in Tarawa between the U.S. Marines and Imperial Japanese Forces. Many of our fallen Marines were lost until a Peace Corps member noticed local children on the island playing with the human bones and skulls of our lost servicemen. A nonprofit organization called History Flight and a three-legged dog got involved and ended up finding trenches filled with the bodies of our fallen Marines, even though our government kept telling us that everyone on Tarawa that can be recovered as already been recovered.

One of the reasons given for the failure of DPAA to locate those bodies for 73 years was because there was no “night life” on the tiny island of Tarawa in the South Pacific. Yes, you heard me right. We were told that DPAA investigators avoided going to Tarawa in favor of Vietnam because Vietnam had hookers. So while they were pretending to look for our lost service personnel on Tarawa, they were actually went to Vietnam to get laid.  The hookers in Vietnam were more plentiful than on Tarawa. And, this is why our fallen sailors, soldiers, marines and airmen were not being recovered for 70+ years.

That old line the military loves to tout that they “never leave a fallen comrade behind” is all a bunch of malarkey. It’s true that military personnel do all they can to retrieve their fallen comrades, but after the battle is won or lost, they move on and the responsibility falls on the government to find and retrieve the bodies of our service personnel.

There were several Medal of Honor winners who fell on Tarawa, one was still missing by the name of Alexander “Sandy” Bonnyman of Knoxville, Tennessee. The military decided to head off any inquiries from the family with a lie. The military told the family that Alex had been buried at sea. It was not until History Flight and a three-legged dog found a trench of bodies, and right there, laying on the left side of his face was the remains of Alexander Bonnyman. Folks, if a DPAA member is talking to you and his/her lips are moving, they are lying.

GSA Employee, Jeff Neely

Everyone remembers the 2010 picture of Government Services Administration (GSA) employee Jeff Neely sitting in a Jacuzzi in Las Vegas as the government employees were racking up an $823,000 tab for their little nightlife convention. This is what we are getting for our tax dollars. And, DPAA is just like the GSA in so many respects, but it hasn’t hit the news media yet.

We promise to keep an eye on this pathetic agency of the U.S. Government.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Believe it or not, this ethically-challenged federal agency believes they can locate our missing service personnel without Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and the use of a properly trained cadaver dog, not a “search dog” or a “rescue dog,” but a dog specifically trained to hone in on the volatile organic compound (VOC) gasses that rise up through the soil as a human body decays.

There have been major improvements in GPR technology, but this incredibly stupid federal agency apparently does not believe in science, or they prefer to spend their money on plane fares to where the nightlife is the best in the world. The nightlife must be accompanied near a battlefield to help DPAA justify the expenditures of money.

Not only would GPR technology help, but a properly trained cadaver dog can alert on decaying human remains from people who died well over a hundred years ago. A good team of cadaver dogs and someone who knows how to train them would also be a major help in finding our missing military men and women.

Now there is new technology out there which can find a deceased person by simply inserting DNA material in the machine. It has a range we are told to as far as thirty (30) miles. Has DPAA latched on to this new technology? Of course not. Getting laid on government dollar is more important. Someone needs to go in to DPAA and fire a large percentage of of personnel, and chart a new course with new people who are dedicated to finding and bringing home those who have fought so bravely for us.