Because you believe that a two-tiered military justice system is wrong and needs to be eliminated. Flag-ranking officers (admirals and generals) must be held accountable for their unethical and criminal misconduct. Allowing flag officers to retire to avoid prosecution is unacceptable.

Because you want reforms in how the military delivers punishment. Having the convening authority for a court martial writing the fitness reports for the jurors creates a conflict of interest and generates frequent instances of unlawful command influence designed to obtain a conviction at all costs.

Because you believe in the credo “Peace Through Strength” and you realize that WE GET OUR STRENGTH FROM INTEGRITY. Allowing flag officers to avoid accountability by quickly being ushered into retirement is wrong and must be changed.


Every dime we receive either through direct donations or other means, is funneled back into the effort to reform our military for the underlying purpose to make it stronger. Your donation(s) will help us to maintain and strengthen this website. As donations accrue, we will launch and nationwide advertising campaign to educate the American public on the corrosive nature of a two-tiered justice system. Equal Justice Under Law applies to the military as well.


Every member of the military who believes in the rule-of-law and the equal application of the law from private to general, from seaman to admiral.

Every citizen of the United States who believes in the rule-of-law and believes that our admirals and generals should be held accountable just as junior ranking military personnel are.

Every citizen of the entire world who want a strong American military to help to keep the sea lanes free for world commerce and hold criminal despots accountable.

Citizens of ever country like Japan that rely on America military power for their protection and safety.