In approximately the year 2000, Army General Peter E. Genovese asked Major Glenn MacDonald if he would create a website to address all the corruption going on all around them in the military. Gen. Genovese said he would pay for it, if Major MacDonald would write it. MacDonald was a seasoned journalist that covered the combat action in Vietnam, then when he transitioned into the Army Reserves, he began covering the rough and tumble world of New York City including the mafia.

With the financial support of General Genovese, Major MacDonald started the website MilitaryCorruption.com (MC.com). A new story was posted to MilitaryCorruption.com just about ever forty-eight (48) hours since it was established in 2000.

The Pentagon was none to happy about it either. Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ordered an officer to monitor MC.com because Major Mac would get information from his sources long before the military would every hear about it through official channels. When there is too much truth leaking out, the military will do what it can to stop it.

In an attempt to cut off communication and interfere with the website, the military got their computer experts to attack the site through various means. One of the most common attacks came in the form of a DOS attack that would load up the official email address published on the website so that people could not leave information for the reporters at MC.com. Our computer people confirmed this was intentionally being done and the source was the Pentagon. The Pentagon only likes the truth when it benefits them in the public relations realm.

In early 2018, Major MacDonald decided to turn the baton over to former Navy Lieutenant and pilot David Smallwood. There was a quiet change of command, but we are quite sure the Pentagon was taking note of it. If they weren’t they should have. Over nearly two decades and under the extraordinary leadership of Major Glenn MacDonald, MC.com has established contacts all over the world.

Major Mac decided to relinquish controls to someone who knows all to well how whistle blowers are treated in the military. As Major Mac continues to deal with the debilitating effects of Agent Orange he was covered with in Vietnam, he’s decided to semi-retire by assuming the title of “Editor Emeritus.”


The original name of the website (MilitaryCorruption.com) was a brilliant stroke of genius by Major MacDonald. The domain name and the byline clearly defined exactly what the mission was, “Fighting for Truth and Exposing the Corrupt.” Over the years we noticed that we didn’t always get the support we needed from former and active duty military members. The word “corruption” is a powerful word which sometimes overwhelms the listener.

When military members, active and retired, heard MilitaryCorruption.com, some felt we were inferring that everyone in the military was corrupt. Many times the initial reaction from people when they heard the two words together, “military” and “corruption” automatically was pulled in a negative direction. The listener or reader would misunderstand and get their back up for no reason. Many didn’t understand that we wanted to strengthen our military by exposing those who are corrupt. Because one never has a second chance to make a good first impression, the decision was made to soften the name but not the mission. Henceforth we shall be known as MilitaryIntegrity.com

When David Smallwood took the reins of MilitaryCorruption.com, he made the decision to change the name to MilitaryIntegrity.com with the byline of, “Peace Through Strength and Strength from Integrity.” It’s always concerning when changing the name of a website that has been faithfully serving America and the world for nearly twenty years. But, the change of command at MilitaryCorruption.com was as good a time as any when the leadership changed. Down the road, the website will be improved and expanded, but the name MilitaryIntegrity.com is now here to stay in perpetuity.


We pride ourselves on keeping secret the names and identity of our whistle blowers. Having been a whistle blower himself, David Smallwood issues his solemn pledge to do everything possible to keep our sources who wish to remain anonymous strictly confidential. If you call or email us, you can be sure that we are doing all we can to safeguard your identity.

David Smallwood remembers when President Ronald Reagan instituted the “1-800 Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline” system. Placards were hung on walls all over the squadron spaces. It turns out the system was designed to ferret out the whistle blowers, to find out who and where they where and deal with them accordingly. Even with thousands of phone calls makde to the hotline every year for decades, no one has ever been even charged with a crime. Based on the results alone, if the purpose was to find and hold accountable people who were perpetrating fraud, waste and abuse, it was and is a complete and unmitigated failure. If the purpose was to find and destroy the whistle blowers, it was a reasonably great success.

Again, we know from personal experiences just how nasty things can get when an individual decides to blow the whistle on criminal or ethical misconduct. There is no organisation more committed to keeping your identity confidential if you desire it so.


We can assure you that forces in our government will attempt to silence us. They will attempt to drive a wedge between us and our readers by any means possible. Never let that happen. Know that our only loyalty is to those who believe as we believe that our admirals and generals should be held to the same standard as all other in their command. The Uniform Code of Military Justice should apply to all and not exempt any particular group or person.

No matter what lies they tell, don’t you believe it. And if our site goes down for a day or a month… please know that we will fix the problem and be back on line with more determination than ever. We ask that you not break your faith in the cause to strive for complete and total integrity within all branches of the armed forces. We want our military to be as strong as possible, but also to subscribe to those principles upon which America was founded. Until real reforms are made in the military to achieve these ideals, we shall not rest and we will not give up.


There’s more about the importance of donating on the tab above, but we briefly mention it here because of its critical importance. We promise to use your donations to help build the website and continually educate people throughout the world. Through conventional advertising, we will encourage people to visit this website in an effort to educate all Americans who pay for our military and to all citizens of the world who are protected by that military.

Your donations, no matter how large or small are deeply appreciated and shall not be squandered or wasted. We will get ten dollars in value from each dollar you donate. Donate with confidence knowing that your funds are going to an organization who loves America as much as you do. We promise to use donated funds effectively, efficiently and judiciously.

There is no website that does what we do, because of our contacts established all over the world through our twenty years online and our combined hundreds of hears of military experience. We are truly an INDEPENDENT source of information, beholding to no one. The old adage, “Without Fear or Favor” certainly applies to us. So bottom line; your donations are needed for us to remain a fully INDEPENDENT source of information. Your donations will help us fight for the truth and expose the corrupt.